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My Blog moved at the beginning of the year but my followers did not! Apparently.... I know that I had not blogged for awhile and I obviously lost my following. The following wasn't big but it was there...and spammers had a field day! Plus some really rounchy comments! (the reason I moved-made this blog private for about 6 months)
 Well, I seriously miss blogging and I'm trying to get back into it. I stopped for several reasons but mainly due to transitioning with a newly adopted teen... it was hard! And sharing that information at the time seemed wrong. But I feel like we have a wealth of information and knowledge to share. It's been 3+ years and I think I am ready to get back to blogging about life and transitions... but only if there are interested readers.  

My new blog is Jonesy4him
And if you used to follow me or you are following other blogs, please add yourself to mine! I miss you!


Blog Move!!!

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Purify Me!

READ 1 John 3:1-3

1 John3:3 And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies himself, just as He is pure. 

Our HOPE is purifying in Christ! Are we "working" or "doing" something to try and make ourselves holy? Christ has done all the work - and our HOPE is in this work that is already finished ...


If our focus is on Him then we walk morally -
If our focus is on Him then we remain Holy -
If our focus is on Him our JOY is complete!


And since He is pure, we are pure before God...

My Prayer: teach me, enlighten me, open my eyes. Give to me fresh revelation. Excite me about your work within us! Rule in my heart... Help me to relay Your Truth to others... Amen


remembering that "waiting child"

Every time I kiss my baby grandson, touch his face, tickle his feet, every time I'm reminded....

Every time I try to pass by but end up stopping to smile at him, then wait to see his returned joyous grin, every time I'm reminded...

Every time I kiss his hands and feet and sing him a silly song, and watch every other adult in this house do the same thing, every time I'm reminded...

My big baby girl NEVER had this. Nor do those still waiting in orphanages all over the world...

She wasn't kissed, or hugged or loved. She didn't have anyone blow raspberries in her neck, or tickle her belly. Was only touched when needed. Oh yes, she was fed-the institution she was in wasn't the worst. I'm sure a bottle was propped up in her mouth at feeding time then promptly taken away when or if she even had a chance to finish, schedules need to be followed at an orphanage or the work load escalates. I'm sure she had her diapers changed promptly at the same time each day, whether they needed it hours before or not. All babies get changed on the same schedule.

But there's emotional neglect, deprived of the love of a family. Lined up like cattle or sheep to be bathed, fed, whatever... disconnected. But to an orphan, this is normal. No child should go a lifetime without being told how much she is worth, how much she is love, how much she is cherished. How smart.

No child should ever need to go through life without a hug.

But God sees. He hears. He loves. Everything inside of me wants to proclaim this.

GOD LOVES HER. She IS His princess. His child. His chosen. He pulled her out of darkness and has shown her His light. And we have the privilege of watching her life unfold as it should have long before.

We get to watch as God fulfills his promise to "restore what the locust have eaten".

We Love our baby girl. We are growing together each day. With the good, as well as the difficult, we are learning to navigate together.

Her testimony is a mighty one. I know God has a mighty plan for this child! She has an amazing spirit that can only be explained as God's grace in her. Learning step by step.

Two years ago yesterday she walked out of the plane that brought her home, to be a forever family together.

It was probably the most difficult thing for all of us. But also the most rewarding to see her life blossom as it has.

But I still remember... there are so many others who need to come home as well. Oh Lord I pray that more open their hearts and home to a "waiting child".


Late Post on Christmas

We had one of the best Christmas' ever! I know this post is late, and I considered skipping it, but it was such a blessing that I wanted to write the highlights down... Last year (2011) I felt so stressed, and life was just.... ummm.... heavy. Just a really hectic year- so many adjustments for all. I was glad to get to 2012. And 2012 proved to be a turning point for our home and family.     And it ended Purrrrrrfect! LOL! With two new additions to our family - Maxine and Sophie
Amy, my oldest daughter came up from South Carolina with the boys for a visit during Christmas! It was a blessing to have them here to celebrate our traditions together! Awesome! My only regret was not having my son-in-law David with them. :(

Add caWe made Cookies this year all together, cut them out and baked them...The following day we iced them up and decorated them... so much fun. We all got in on it!ption


Look at this face! So proud!

One of the most precious times we have with family throughout the holidays each year is lighting our advent candles. We really don't do it any specific way. We just light a candle (any color) for each week of advant, pray, do devotions that teach about the coming of Jesus into the world to bring the light... And how we are anticipating the day of His return! We talk about the darkness and how Jesus is the light, salvation, the free gift of God, etc. And on our final week of Advent this year Amy and the Boys were able to join us... be still my heart!
That advent candle holder has been with us through about 15 years of lights... it even caught on fire one year haha! Maybe I post about that one day next year.
Christmas Eve... haha, in their festive jammies. I look at these kids and realize just how blessed we truly are !These three get along so well! A match made in heaven... for real! Arielle is so helpful with her brothers, and they love her to pieces.

The one thing that stands out so much in comparison to last year is the transformation of Arielle. She is a testimony of what love can do. She's beautiful, with a beautiful heart. Wants to serve. Struggling through (in a good struggle) learning about family, relationships, and most of all what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. And she is learning fast. She's a busy girl too. Loves to be doing something all the time. A far cry from when she first came home. It's like the world has exploded with "LIFE" for her and she was happy to walk through the door opened. She is still learning and growing but aren't we all? :)

I told Brad and the kids to get a "fat" tree when they went tree shopping for the familyroom Christmas tree... and fat is what I got! WOW! it took up the familyroom! That'll teach me to leave the tree hunting up to the children. I do it every year :)

This is the night before Christmas....
 On Christmas morning we get up and the kids open some stocking gifts while we drag ourselves out of bed. Then we do a devotion. This year we did our devotion different. We usually read out of Luke, but this year we not only read the Christmas story, we acted it out. The kids had fun with it. Here is Joseph and Mary with the newborn Jesus.
After our devotion we cut the ribbon to open up Christmas :) I originally started the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony about 20+ years ago to keep my first batch of kiddies (Amy, Lauren and Bradley) from coming downstairs too early! It worked and it started a tradition. Now I get to do it with my grandbabies!
We were very organized this year as Santa placed the presents in order of each child, haha! I guess he had more time on his hands this year!
After opening presents we eat a pancake breakfast with fresh pancakes (moms recipe), real maple syrup, breakfast casserole, bacon, sausage... and other yummy things... and in addition Bradley, Melissa, and the Rebstocks came for breakfast, FUN! love love love!
Grandmom and PopPop came over soon after and also Lauren and Mike. The house was full :)

The porkchop had his first Christmas! Awwww, I remember Amy's first christmas.
Lauren and Mike
Bradley and Melissa
Grandmom, PopPop, and Micah
Porkchop aka Micah
Me and my hubby Brad Sr

It really was a blessed Christmas. I'm excited anticipating what this new year will Bring.

Maybe more additions to the family?  :) God is Good!


Family Fall Highlights

I realize I'm probably the only person going to read this post right now but I need to highlight the last few months anyway. I love looking back on past posts and seeing what was going on and how much everyone has grown.
Amy and Arielle's Birthday in Sept!
Fall Harvest time with the family. visited a Maze and Hayride with the kids. :) Even went Apple picking... First time!

Perfect pumpkins
Arielle is learning to read. It's a blessing to hear her finally read to her brothers.
Samuri Warriors!
Perfect <3 p="p">
Asher's 6th Birthday in Nov
Happy Birthday Baby!
My beautiful baby girl had her 2nd son... 
Micah Benjamin! So beautiful. 8lbs 5oz.
Brothers (and my beautiful Grandsons!) Levi and Micah :)
Hurrican Sandy tore up the Shore and New York!
Ocean City
Sophie and Maxine... Found in a storm drain during Hurrican Sandy.. now a part of our family :)


Stretching beyond the Natural

ADOPTION. There has been nothing more challenging, nothing more rewarding, nothing that has helped me to grow... in EVERY WAY... Stretching me to the max!

 I’m learning about true love. Love that goes beyond the natural. I’m learning about maturity (and how immature I sometimes am). I’m learning about Jesus in a way that I’ve never seen before.  I get it now... 

I get it. 

I get what it means to be ADOPTED by my Father. 

There’s no reason for Him to love me. But he does. Enough to sacrifice EVERYTHING to bring me home. I was the lowly one who needed a family. I was the abandoned one destined to die – because in the world 
...that’s what happens.

 But my Daddy paid the price, brought me home and gave me not only a forever family, He redeemed me from my destiny in this world... death. 

 So I really get it now. 
And I thank God for the 3 adorable faces I get to see everyday who have taught me (and continue to do so!) about an unconditional and sacrificial love that reaches to the very ends of the earth to save us.
And it's just the beginning...


Summer? Where are you!

So, I can't believe that it's September! Summer flew by at mock speed. We barely started and then "poof" it was gone.
It's been busy, and for some of us, great! But for poor Asher, it's been a hard August. He's had a painful month and ended up in the hospital for a few days. Fever. Cough. Pain. And just generally fatigued. He still is not 100%... praying for my little man.
He starts Kindergarten at home this year! One on One! I'm excited to spend that time with him :)
Cape May Point - July
Evan had a pretty good summer but he has worried about starting school. He's been home schooled so the "unknown" had him concerned. He start school yesterday... it was rocky at first but he figured it all out by the end of the day. Today was a good day :) He's going to do great. It's a private Christian School. Small classes and great teachers! His big brother Brad teaches there as well! 
Down OC July
Arielle has done wonderful this summer.
Growing leaps and bounds!
I can't believe the change in her since she came home! And it is all God! She prays everyday, reads her Bible and takes her walk with the Lord serious. Blessed Momma.
OC - favorite pass-time
This is not to say we don't have our problems, and we have far to go. Especially with education. But I'm beyond blessed to say I couldn't imagine life without her.
August was a rough month with Asher but it did have it's moments of blessings... like the birth of our brand new Grandson!
Micah Benjamin
9lbs 5oz
Oh what a joy it is! To watch my daughter and her husband raising a family of their own is bittersweet. Although I miss the days that my Amy Lynn was little, it's cool to see her love and nurture her own sons. And when her step daughter is visiting from across the country. They are Mighty Men (and woman) of God just waiting to happen! I pray for their confidence to grown in Christ and that they feel the Love of Jesus abound in their lives.
Enjoy the photos-a few of my favorites from the summer! Brad got a job and starts next week... finally. We are truly blessed. God has a plan. May we always seek Him for what that is.
A forest walk

Bushkill PA

A roller-coaster ride for the first time!!!

Trips to the park with the boys

Hagley Museum with friends, LOL

One of my favorite photos... the powder mills at Hagley

Don't often post a photo of me but the beautiful background is worth posting! Longwood Gardens

A sprint through the garden :)

Best Buds!

Another Favorite

What are they thinking???

Tree House at Longwood