2/18 Family Dinner Night

Every Saturday night we have a Family Dinner night. Although we all go our seperate ways during the week, on Saturday, we come together as a family to eat and have some "together time". Daddy starts the night with prayer and then we eat! We usually end the evening "catching up" with the "happenings" of the week for each of us. It will be such a joy to wecome Arielle to our family time. It's almost like she is already here as she is so much a part of our lives already!

This is a picture of the Kids:
Top - Mike (Lauren's boyfriend), Lauren dd, & Veda
Bottem - David (Amy's dh), Amy dd, Bradley ds, and bear

Amy is almost 7 months pregnant now! Our first grandchild! It's a baby boy and his name is Levi. By the time Arielle comes home he will very much a part of this family, and as you can see, he already is! I'm sure Arielle and Levi will grow up to be very good friends.

Family dinner time! It can be very noisey! And messy! But fun to get every one "home"!

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