Hurry Up And Wait!

The funny thing about International Adoption is that you rush to get all your paperwork ready, then you wait, and wait, and wait! That's where we are. All we do now is wait. If you're interested in our process of collecting our dossier, you can visit our Caringbridge website and it'll show you the timeline in our journal. Website is listed at the end of this post along with a link to view more photos. Collecting all the paperwork (called the dossier) seemed to be much slower than most. I will do things much different the next time. Yes, we are planning a "next time". Many people ask us, "Why China?" My answer to them is, "that's where my daughter is." We always wanted to adopt. I believe it has always been our "calling" as husband and wife. Now, God has blessed us to start this journey to our daughter! And she is a blessing! Every child deserves a home and a family. Psalm 68:6 says, "God sets the lonely in families". It's His "calling" that has lead us to China. China is a place where evangelism is prohibited. Especially to children. Our "calling" is to give an orphan child a "forever" home, parents, family, love, and most importantly, the opportunity to accept Jesus as her Saviour! This is our mission. This is our purpose. What is your purpose in this life?


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good song, i know lauren did that


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