Timeline and Map of China

For those who are interested I've included our Timeline:

-April 18th - Initial Bethany Adoption Meeting (Still unsure of what we want to do)

-May - Are absolutely sure we what to adopt from China!

-July 21st - First Homestudy meeting with Christyn from Bethany Christian Services

-July 28th - Second HS meeting

-Aug. 18th - Third HS meeting at Home

-Sept. 6th -Immigration form sent

-Sept. - Unexpected "issues" comes up with Bethany/HS is put on hold.

-Nov. 9th - HS Finally Finished/Still alittle "foggy" what the "issue" was. (We believe that it was all about "timing". The Lord will lead us to our perfect little-one in "His Time".)

-Nov. 23rd - Fingerprints in Philly

-Dec. 31st - I171H Arrives!

-Jan. 5th - Dossier sent for State seals via "snail-mail". (Don't recommend! Trying to save a few dollar isn't worth it!)

-Jan. 23rd - Dossier FINALLY is sent back to us from Trenton. (Suggestion:Walk it in / Expedite / Pick up the next day! Costly, but could save alot of time.)

-Jan.25th - Agency review

-Jan. 27th - To NY Chinese Consulate for Authentification

-Feb. 13th -Dossier is finally off to China!

-March 9th - LID! Yahoo!

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