3/18 Change of Heart - SN

So many times we have sought the Lord about this adoption. So many times He has answered us. He has confirmed in our hearts over and over that we are to be parents to young children. That the resources He has blessed us with are to be used as a ministry to the fatherless, homeless, and "the least of these". And now He is once again stirring our hearts to adopt a child on the next COP list from our agency. This list consists of special needs children, mostly with minor correctable needs such as cleft lip/palate. In some places in China, and I'm sure here in the US as well, these children are the "unlovely". Well, we are told to "love the unlovely" by God. That's what we want to do. And I'm sure that this child, whether be a boy or girl, will be the most beautiful child I have ever seen! And yes, we are open to a boy! Boys are great! The next COP list should be out within the next week or two, hopefully.

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