A Day at the Zoo 4/19

Alot has been going on since we recieved the news about Evan. Taylor, my daughters step-daughter from California, has been staying with us along with Amy and David, this week. So our house is full. "The girls" went out for the day on Wednesday 4/19. We went to the zoo! What a beautiful day it was. But I have to admit my mind was on Evan the whole time. I was thinking about all the wonderful things I will be sharing with Evan and Baby Levi and Taylor when she is back to visit us in the summer!
This is Taylor and a giraffe.

Along with a wonderful brother, Brad, Evan has two wonderful sisters, Amy and Lauren. Both are very excited to get to know Evan.

Amy and Lauren grew up sharing everything! Now they get to share a new baby brother!

Amy is pregnant with Levi. And due anyday now. Taylor is very excited about her little brother Levi. And Levi & Taylor will be Evan's nephew & Niece!

Here's another photo of Taylor.

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Lee-Anne said...

Great photos! Can't wait to see the photo's of Amy's bubs! All that walking at the Zoo, is sure to have gotten things going?!