How Time Flys!

We have already had so many "firsts" with Evy and we are having so much fun. He continues to be wonderful and tests his boundries every day. It's wonderful watching him discover new things. Although not so wonderful when that new thing is off limits. He really doesn't enjoy hearing the word no. We went to a park a couple of weeks ago and this is a picture of a tube before he crawled through.

Among Evys first were his first football game with the boys and the first time he saw the ocean.

Evy went to the Pediatrician and he is doing wonderful! Who every said Chinese babys are small and Cold didn't meet Evy. His is one of the sweatiest kids I've ever met. Before the end of each day he is stripped down for his bath and then put into a nice clean lightwieght onsie. I originally put him in long sleeve jammies thinking he would be chilly at night. All that did was wake him up in the middle of the night in a ball of sweat. He is much more comfy in his undies! And a happy baby in the middle of the night makes for a happy mommy and daddy!

This photo is one of my favorites. He really was into stearing with motor sounds and all. I wonder where he's going???

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