Believe He is Real!

Well we have all the decorations up...at least the ones I'm using. Our livingroom is under construction (refinishing the floor and installing a pellet stove) so there is no furniture at the moment. Many of my holiday houses are staying in storage this year. Next year we will build a holiday city in our living-room alcove with all the houses and trains. But for now, I have no where to put them. Brad gets me a new house every year. He's been doing this for at least 10 years or so. I love this time of year! And I love my family!
December 2nd was my 43rd birthday. Funny, I really enjoy being 43. Although someone is always quick to point out "how old I am", as if there is something wrong with being 40 something. I feel healthy, I have more energy then I did when I was in my twenties. My neighbor next door told me that having a toddler will make me old. But I think the opposite is true. Seeing life through a child reminds me how to have "Faith like a Child". That way of seeing things like little children. Without questioning. Jesus told us to have this kind of view of Him. To believe in Him.
Every day is a new experience to my son Evan and my grandson Levi. I've watched them study my face as a baby and toddler. They look into my eyes and trust me. They reach up and touch my nose and eyes and cheeks as if to see if I'm "real". They study the way I move and what I do. And because of that, they know me. And when I respond to their needs, they learn to trust. Sometimes my son gets so active and hyper he forgets to slow down, so I reach out and grab him and hold onto him so he doesn't get hurt. At first he fights, but then he'll just lay there and study me peacefully.

When I study my Father in Heaven, I know Him. And I learn to trust him when He responds to my needs everyday. Sometimes I forget to look to Jesus throughout the day. Sometimes it goes on too long, especially when things get active. Then He will grab my attention and hold me. I tend to fight at first, but soon realize I need to slow down and study my Father. To rest in His presence. It's the only place I find true peace. And it's there that I know, that my Jesus is REAL!

Psalm 31:14 and 15 But I trust in You oh Lord; I say, "You are my God." My times are in Your hands...

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