Current Family News

We seem to be having trouble uploading photos onto the computer. I lost all our photos from Thanksgiving...bummer! I was really upset because we had some really cute pictures of Evy at his first Thanksgiving. So I have no new pics :-(

I hope you enjoy the cartoons that have been circulating throughout the online adoption community.

We applied for Evys Social Security Number last Monday so I'm expecting his card any day now. It was a breeze. All we needed was his Chinese birth certificate, adoption certificate, citizenship certificate we got in the mail, and my drivers license to prove who I was. I brought it all to the office here in our County, which is about 2 minutes from our house. I fill out the app. form and handed all in. They inturn handed it all back to me after they recorded all the information in the computer. I was worried we needed to mail some of the paperwork. I didn't want it to get lost. The next thing we will do is get his US passport. Unfortunitely, this paperwork will need to be mailed. I pray it all return to us intact. I'm not sure if we will readopt or if it is nessasary to recieve a NJ birth certificate. I will need to look into that. We only have 2 Chinese birth certs. and if anything happened to them throughout the years, I don't know how easy it would be to replace them...if it is possible at all.

~God Bless~

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