Evy's Dedication 5/6

We dedicated Evy to the Lord on May 6th at our Chuch. I didn't bring my camera to church so I didn't get any photos there. So I took a couple pics of him when we got home. He is a precious gift from God and it was really a special day. We had communion together for the first time and it is a moment I will never forget. He sat amazingly well until just before he was to be dedicated. We normally bring him into the assembly for worship but as the music slows and gets quieter, he gets "rammy". But he sat so well for us throughout worship.

This is a picture of Evy and big brother Blue reading Evy's new Bible he recieved from
Pastor Ralph, Maria, and our Church family. Evy is learning so much about prayer and worship. Each Sunday in worship, Evy will raise his hands and sing to the Lord. His singing sounds more like, "AAAAaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeooooooo", but it sounds precious to me. I can imagine out precious it is to our Father in Heaven. He's also started dancing to the music...so cute!