"I Would Have Gone to the Moon!"

Recently in Hungary, Susan "spent time with older boys in an orphanage there. These boys put an ad in the local paper asking for their parents to give them their name so that they could get on with their lives. They stated that they knew that their parents would never return but they would be so appreciative if they would return to just give them their name so that they could go on with their lives. Anyway, during a press conference, these older boys were being asked many questions by the press, who were looking for headline/scandal news. You know, asking them questions like "have you been well cared for?" "Have you been abused?" Susan said at that point (trying to divert the questions) she asked the boys "so if you could have been adopted and gone any where in the world, what would that have looked like to you?" The translator translated it to the boy. He then looked at Susan and said, 'I will answer you in English, I do not need a translator. If I could have had a mother and a father, I would have gone to the moon.' The press were speechless. "
(This email was sent by a representative of Shiloh Adoptions who attended the an adoption conference in the Philippines. Susan Cox, one of the conference speakers, was the VP of foriegn relations with Holt.)
To find out what you can do for the plight of orphans, go to:


Kathy said...

I just looked at your time line and we submitted our dossiers, received first legal and entered IBESR all on the same days : )

Let's pray for a miracle--that we are out of IBESR by New Year's. That would be 4 months! (Christmas would be even better-what a great present!)

Courtney said...

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.