Reflection of Good Things...Past and Present

So much has transpired since August 2006. This time last year we were on our way home from China. All this month I've been thinking about the anniversay of Evy's adoption. Forever Family Day was the 23rd. This is a "Red Couch" photo from last year. Most China adoptions end with a photo on the "Red Couch" at the White Swan in Guanghou. These children are other Bethany Special needs children who were also going home. Our Journeys to our children ended in China at the same time, but the memories that have been created will last a lifetime.
This is Michael and his son in Guanghou. He is a store owner who made our very special chops for us. He is a very nice man who does awesome work and I would highly recommend him. The name of the store is "Michaels". I think he may have moved to a different location but he was located near the tennis courts by the river/park when we were there a year ago.
This is Lucy. She gave us awesome deals!!! I forget the name of her store, darn. But if you go out the doors of the White Swan, make a right, then turn left at the next street, her store is on the left hand side. I believe it is 2nd from the corner (or on the corner, don't remember, sorry). She did our laundry too, Cheap!
This is where we ate our "Western" food. They make a pretty good Cheeseburger! This is a picture of the final meal we ate with the friends we met. This was taken at another hotel.
Aim and her beautiful son VeiVei pose for this picture! The blessings that the Lord has given us never cease to amaze me. My family is beautiful. Our present days are full of love and we look forward to a future in Christ.
Aim will be 24 on September 2nd. Seems like yesterday I gave birth to my baby girl. Now she holds her own "first baby". I don't think we understand the precousness of each moment until it is a memory. I pray to see the beauty in Life everyday regardless of "feelings" or circumstance. Life is eternal and with Christ it is a gift each day! It gives us a hope and a future.
As one generation replaces another, one thing still remains...GOD ALMIGHTY!
These photos were taken on Forever Family Day! LA and Evy playing Cars. I Treasure the Moment!


Kathy said...

Awesome photos and memories. Here's hoping you'll have many more happy adoption memories!

I adopted Adam through Bethany domestically.

Courtney said...

You have a beautiful family!

Mark said...

Great photos. Almost made me want to go back to China... (almost!)

I had a hard time in China physically. I struggle with digestion issues, and was mostly miserable while there, but when I see photos like these, it makes me "forget" the bad and want to go back.

Okay, time to get back to this planet!

Congrats on this wonderful milestone!!!

with love in Christ,

Mark (and family)