Updates Anyone?

I keep checking my email over and over, anticipating Cal's new update. I'm sure that there isn't much to update but a mom can hope, can't she? :) I haven't written much here on the family blog...sorry. There just isn't enough time in the day to sit down and think. Really, by the time I can really sit down and think about what to write, the day is over and I'm ready for bed.

I've been doing an online Bible study by Beth Moore and it is simply amazing what the Holy Spirit is revealing to me. I am so humbled and so blessed. It's called "Believing God". And I didn't realized how much a didn't really believe for myself. I lost faith in God the past 4/5 years. It didn't happen all at once, but was more like a trickle out of my heart. I can definitely pinpoint when it began, but that's way too personal to go into here. Please don't misunderstand me, I never stopped believing in God. Never. I never stopped praying or asking for help or listening for His Guidance, Never. But my faith has really hit a record low. I just wasn't believing God and what He says. These are the Key principles in this study:

1) God is who He says He is
2) He will do what He says He will do
3) I am who He says I am
4) I can do all things through Christ
5) The Word of God is living and Active in me

Furthermore, I never realized how much of the Bible I passively dismissed as not for me. Well, that's all changing. I'm changing. I really am. My mind, heart...my perspective! I'm believing God! I've been challenged this week in my faith and I'm not giving up!

Join me if you want to...


Still waiting for that End Of The Month update though...Oh Lord give me strength. You can also visit Cal's wesite.



Kathy said...

My end of the month report just said I'm still in IBESR. It was the same exact e-mail as last month. I guess there really isn't more to say until we are out of IBESR.

Natalie said...

Hi Terry,
Thanks for sharing your heart. I will be praying for you as God continues to grow you in your faith. I know when we were going through the process I always felt that I could either lean into God or slide into the pit. It's a daily struggle, and I am praying that the faith He is growing in you will uphold you. He is faithful!