I'm Blessed Today!

Church was hard to get to today. Honestly, I almost didn't make it. Evy was having a major meltdown and I really think that he's not feeling well. Nothing serious, just a cold, but it's making him miserable. We finally made it to church and he was a cling-on. Wouldn't let me leave the nursary without screaming so I scooped him up and brought him into service. As we worshiped he just clung, nose running all over my shoulder :)

He allowed us to sit in there for a bit and the Pastor began to pray, asking for all to just cry out to God whatever was on there hearts. Around that time Evy figured he would let God know that he wanted to go home. He kept saying, "mom, I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home". As he got louder I figured it was time to leave. I had to go back in the nursary to get our bags. But before I left I said in my heart, "Lord, please quiet Evy's spirit so I can stay in Church today." I really felt this spiritual battle going on.

We got to the nursary, put on Evy's coat, and then he walked away from me, sat on the floor, and started playing with the other kids. I stood there for a couple minutes, waiting. I walked over and took off his coat. No tears. I walked toward the door, Not tears. I left...he was fine. Praise Jesus.

Before my Pastor started his message, our children's church coordinator asked if our congregation would help out by providing Christmas presents for homeless children in our area. She's in contact with someone working for social services and has asked for help for these kids. There are over 1300 children in our area who are homeless. Wow, I couldn't imagine that the number is that high! Our area doesn't seem that big. I mean, we don't live in a major city, and much of the surrounding countys are rural. My heart just hurt. But I am strapped this Christmas...I can't do it right now, right? Before we started our adoption of Evy, we contacted Social services to do foster care. Wow, that was such a commitment for classes. We decided to wait. But it has always nagged me...

I really just needed to hear the Word of God today. We are blessed! And God's glory shines upon us! This is his Word today. And I needed to hear it!

As service was ending I went back to the nursary, scooped up my boy and bags, walked back to the auditorium ( our assembly is in a highschool right now) to say goodbye to big brother Blue. As we walked by the table set up for the homeless children who need presents, I literally could not walk by until I chose one. I closed my eyes and pointed at the list of names...my finger fell on a boy, TJ. He is 12. I pray God will provide for him both spiritually and physically. It breaks my heart. And I kept thinking on the way home how I want to be a foster parent...but that would need to be confirmed. And I prayed.

Hours later, Pops got home from work (he doesn't usually work Sunday-and was really missed today!) And I told him the coarse of events for the day, except for wanting to be a foster parent again. As I told him about the 1300 homeless kids in the area, and how we are sponsoring Christmas for one, he turned to me and said, "You know, I really think we should become foster parents". Confirmation. No time to waste, I'm calling social services tomorrow.

And to think that I almost left church, I almost didn't hear the message of how blessed we are, And how God shines His face upon us, I almost didn't hear about these children who need help, and I almost missed hearing the voice of God telling me to provide a home for a child in desperate need of a loving family, a warm bed, and a safe refuge...I'm blessed today!


Anita said...

WOW Terry....God was speaking to your heart today. Amazing how He settled Evy down so quick too....definitely GOD at work! :)

Terry said...

I forgot to mention that his nose wasn't really running until he started crying...I don't want people to think I put my sick, runny nose child in the nursary to get all the other children sick :)

Although I do believe he is getting a little cold...but yes, I do think God is definitely working!

Kathy said...

Yay for you. I called the foster care recruitment office a few weeks ago. The FL limit for kids is 5 and we have five. But one is in a home for troubled youth so I only have four in the home. I told the lady that we'd like to do foster care until our twins came home and we'd be over the limit. She said their biggest need was for newborns. I said I'm a writer and I work at home so that would be perfect. Well, I had to update two classes and I'd just missed them so Rick and I drove over an hour to another town for these two classes.

After we completed them, the recruiter put our file together and gave it to the director. AND we got turned down! She said that they have to count the child in the home for troubled youth as being in our home!!

We were so heartbroken and the recruiter felt so bad because we'd driven all that way twice for 3 hours classes.

But, once our oldest three turn 18, we plan to update our certification. I wish the number of children in the home was higher. Five seems so low.

I think you guys will make great foster parents. And you'll be a blessing to both the child who you are providing the gift for this year and the ones you foster later.

Debbie said...

Wow, What an awesome post!! You are so right, we are so blessed!! God is good! He knew that you needed that message and what you would do with it!
God bless you for following Him!!

Debbie Wankel

Natalie said...

That's awesome!Thanks for sharing how God is working in your lives. We "adopt" a family every year for Christmas...even though we never think we have enough. It's all about perspective.