December Happenings

Christmas time is approaching and we've had our fill of runny noses, overly stimulated children, and 0 balance in the checkbook...but life is good! Vie was over to visit last week a few days while his mommy worked. Evy is Vei's uncle. But they are more like brothers!
One night after Vei had left we decided to decorate the tree in the family. Well, lets just say Evy had his own way of doing things...this is one of his silly faces...Our tree is not a very good one for hanging ornaments, they keep falling off.
We also went to see Santa last Saturday. Vei had to stay home since he wasn't feeling well :(
Santa was bearable just as long as he got the package they were giving him. But I don't think he would have lasted that long without a reward. When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he said, "my present"! The Cup Cake was good too!

He as given a little train with little people...He loves it! Plays with it everyday!

We also did a craft, a plaster of paris hand print, and then painted it green. We aren't finished with it yet but I'll post it when we are done.

I think he enjoyed painting on the paper I used to cover the table most of all! Very Serious...

Here's the brothers! We're missing one...
Lighting our 2nd Advent candle...#3 will come in the next post.
And we even worshiped with big bro Blue...

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Kathy said...

Absolutely adorable photos! What great memories. Hope the missing bro is in that photo next year.