I was feeling pretty proud of myself...

Yup I was...I thought I had Christmas all under control. Nothing to buy, no worry. I bought a few toys online, I'm not sure I'll do that again. I bought Evan a garage for matchboxes and also a kitchen stove and oven set (yes, thats right. I bought my boy a kitchen set! He loves to pretend to cook and is into my stuff all the time) When we opened these boxes tonight, that have been sitting here for a month, there were so many pieces and stickers etc, that there "is no way I'm puttin' all that together"! And Hubby is with me! So it's back to the crazy mall and Toy's R Us this week. Ug! I hate to think about it. But my boy needs his stove...right?!
I also got him a table and chairs (like the one above, I love the storage bins! I love this table!), gender friendly dishes and his own set of stainless pots and pans...hubby was mortified at first...then I showed him the chef outfit with oven mitt! Someone in this house needs to know how to cook! OK I feel better now, heehee! All kidding aside, we are just so blessed to have this beautiful,funny, stubborn, crazy, exciting, handsome, exuberant boy in our homeand hearts. I couldn't imagine life without him. There is no greater gift, outside of salvation, that can compare with the love and innocence of this 2 year old, who excitedly wraps his arms around my neck, kisses me, and says, "I love you mommy". Even if it is right after he pulled another glass Christmas ball off the tree (maybe not so innocent) :-) I can't wait to bring Cal home. His brother has a ton of stuff to show him! Merry Christmas! (Written on Wednesday)

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Kathy said...

When my first two were both preschoolers-boy&girl not quite 13 mo apart--I bought them the big Little Tykes kitchen to share. They loved it and both played with it. And thankfully my son was the daddy and my daughter the mommy.