Getting Reading for Chinese New Year!

I don't often advocate for shows on this Channel but Ni Hoa Kai-Lan looks like a really cute show premiering on February 7th, the first day of the Chinese New Year.
And on the website are some cute crafts. Evy made Chinese Lanturns and also a table top Dragon we turned into a puppet.
There's also computer games for young kids on the website.
Ni Hao and Happy Chinese New Year!


Kathy said...

What great photos. That's awesome that you help him celebrate his heritage. I hope to do that with the twins but so much of it is voodoo! Yikes. I need to research the holidays.

Our Family Adventure said...

Hi Kathy, I know what you mean about Asher's heritage too. I did try and do a search early on and was too successful. But at the time I figured I had time to find out. I think its time now to look into it.

Chinese culture is easy. I have children's books and videos and a China Town thats only about 30 mins. away. Terry

Our Family Adventure said...

..."I WASN'T too successful" is what I meant to say...