Kinda Bummed

My Peanut still waits in Haiti. And I'm bummed to find out we are still in IBESR. We really haven't been there that long but I did had high hopes of being out by the holidays. Now it's 2008.

But I do pray this year will bring exciting and wonderful things. And I know that it will. I know there will be some lows. But also triumphs! And milestones! And growth! Spiritual growth. As we grow closer to one another we also grown closer to God almighty. As we seek God and His Plan together, He reveals Himself more clearly to us. This is our core and our center...Jesus Christ.

Bring our peanut home this year Lord, And keep him safe in Haiti while we wait. And bind us all together as a family.

For a current process update go to http://www.ourbabyhasafootprint-haiti.net/ and click on the link to the left.

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Kathy said...

I was hoping but am not really surprised. The bad thing is that the offices are closed until the 14th! That could delay us into Feb.