Chinese New Year with the kids...

Every year we try to get together as a family and celebrate during the Chinese New Year.

Say Cheese!

Evy and VeiVei are all dressd up in thier Chinese outfits. Next year we hope to have clothing for the ladies and also for Daddy

Evan was excited to demonstrate the traditional dragon dance...well, at least his own version of it. He was holding in his hand a dragon that he made from the Nick Jr website. By the way, his photo is in the Gallery on Nick Jr, at least it was yesterday.

Say Cheese!

Bradley's friends, Chinese exchange students. Wonder what they thought of the tacky chinese take-out we ordered...thanks right, I didn't cook! We also ordered sushy and my daughter brought over a baked ziti. Very multi cultural. Just like our family! What can we add next year when our peanut comes home from Haiti? How about beans and rice:-)

Chinese New Year is all about families coming together and celebrating together. We had a very nice time enjoying one anothers company and I'm looking forward to this new family tradition. Every year I would like to add other things to our traditions as our families grow together.

May God Bless you all throughout this new year and beyond!


Kathy said...

Yep. Rice and beans.

Anita said...

Great pics of your family, Terry!! Happy CNY Everyone!!