Crossing Over

Ok, this was the picture I wanted to post yesterday. Well, I wasn't really this crazy, but I was very disappointed. I'm still waiting...We haven't cleared IBESR. Please read on...

On my last post God was telling me to Move On! Well, I'm movin' on!

One night, about a week ago I sat in my Jeep in the parking lot of Food Basics (our local discount grocery store) waiting for my hubby. People interest me so when I get a chance to "watch" them without being seen, I enjoy it. Ok, I need to get out more

It was pretty cold and windy out so of course everyone wanted a spot close to the front door of the store. Well, a small SUV was looking for a spot when one in the front opened up. The man raced his SUV around over to the spot but just as he was about to turn into it, a small compact car zoomed into the spot. Yes, it was really rude, and that man was really mad. He found himself a spot further down the next isle. The woman who owned the compact left her car and went on her way.

When the guy walked passed her car he took a few steps back turn his head and spit on her car. This man had to be in his 50's. I mean, come on. Grow up! Why does he feel the right to have the front spot anyway. Somehow entitled. So what, it's just a parking spot.

Ok, I never spit on someones car before, but I've been upset over silly things. I've often been selfish, thinking I "deserve" better. I've been mad because something didn't go my way. I've gotten emotional over circumstances that "hurt my feelings" but when I look back at most of those circumstances it isn't nearly as horrible as I thought it was. ...You get the picture. Immature. I've acted immature.

We pray to God, "Lord increase our faith", "strengthen us", "enlarge our tent-pegs" (my personal favorite...that prayer of Jabez thing), "fill us Holy Spirit to do your work", "prepare us", I'm sure there's a zillion more prayers that I don't have time to write, asking God to send us out for ministry and so on and so on and so on. And all God is trying to do is answer our prayers.

An obstacle is not defeat. A problem isn't a license to whine. Although it may "feel" discouraging, it isn't death of a dream or vision. It could even be a vehicle that God uses to "increase our faith", "strengthen us", "prepare us" and so on and so on and so on.

God promises us the promised land. The promised rest. But unless we move into that water in faith we ain't goin' anywhere. In Joshua 3, that's exactly what God tells Joshua to do. "Move into the water(Jordan river) and I will cut off it's flow." So Joshua had the the priests stand in the river with the ark of the covenant.

Do you realize that the water was stopped up stream near a town called Adam...about five miles away? Five miles of water had to pass by before the land dried up. They had to stand and WAIT in the water for all that water to pass by. And they had no idea that the water was stopped upstream. I think I may have gotten a little nervous thinking that maybe I heard God wrong. I may have panicked. Would I run back on shore thinking "nothing is happening"? Then feel stupid. Five miles of water! Oh, and I didn't mention that the Jordan was at flood stage...so that was alot of water. If they didn't wait, they wouldn't have been blessed by the miracle that took place. And they wouldn't have crossed over to the promise. God actually preformed the miracle at the exact moment they stepped into the water but had to wait to see it. Was God testing them? He could have dried up the waters right there.

I want to share something I wrote earlier to a group of wonderful ladies I know.

The Lord has really stirred my heart with all this.

This is "....not just about this adoption. Its about my entire life.
Where I'm going with Jesus...I don't even comprehend it all, but I
know that God's plan is so much better then anything I can come up
with. His promises are so far reaching and have nothing to do with
circumstances. So many are walking around discouraged, like me, and
just stop walking. But they just don't understand that across the
Jordan, awaits the promise...and once we get there, we need to stand
and fight! Do you remember what the Israelites brought out of the
Jordan...12 stones. "Eben". (Joshua 4)And erected them as a memorial
for generations to come to remember how God brought them across
the Jordan and into the promised land. Can you imgine..."

I can choose to change and go forward, even if I don't see what God promised. Or I can go back thinking nothing is happening. Something is happening! I'm growing up! My faith will never increase unless challenged. There's no strengthening without resistance. We have all the tools we need. We have the power within us. We just need to grow up! Spitting at the car that stole or blessed spot...no! Moving on into the water, holding on to the covenant blessing and knowing the promise is waiting to be taken once we get to the other side. Maturity. That dream or vision will manifest itself once we are mature enough to handle it. But are we willing to go through the waiting?

I'll end with this...I found this written in my Bible today, I can't even remember writing it:

12/18/07 There have been "things" set in motion by God that we have no idea of - Sometimes, if we are made to wait for something promised, it is for the "greater good" of eternity. And the reason may never be revealed to us this side of heaven. None-the-less, we must continue to trust and believe...


McDonald Clan said...

What a beautiful post! I personally needed to hear this today. I've been so discouraged ever since I got my update. I just need to keep reminding myself that God has a plan in all of this waiting.

One Happy Momma said...

Terry -

I just love reading your entries. they so inspire me!

thank you for sharing your thoughts and therefore sharing yourself.

Many Blessings to you -


Natalie said...

this is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

I love what God does while we wait...on HIM.