Waiting for our update photo....

I should be getting our update photo of our peanut very soon. Others have gotten thiers so I'm expecting it today! I did find out this week that, although our file is still in IBESR, that a dispensation letter has been requested from the president to allow us to adopt since we already have 4 children. I'm encouraged that there is some kind of movement.

I began a journal this week for our Peanut. And include a timeline for him. I wanted to share it since it to give an idea of what we've been doing up until now:

-10/2006 -Pray about adopting again - Prompted to adopt from Haiti but also considering China again
-11/2006 -Request a little girl from China with special needs.
-Send LOI along with fee
-12/2006 -Find out China will change rules for adopting. We don't qualify so to avoid loosing more money we withdrew our request. Loose LOI money. Heartbroken.
-12/2006 -Once again prompted to adopt from Haiti...Contact FHG
-1/2007 -Commit to adopt from FHG.
-Begin Homestudy Update and Dossier
-2/2007 -Request to adopt a baby girl born 9/2006. Recieve information. Request Accepted
-4/2007 -Homestudy completed
-Fingerprints done
-begin praying for a precious little boy from FHG who is very ill and in the Hosp. Praying for a family for him.
5/2007 -Finish Dossier
-Fingerprint approval arrives
-Holy Spirit makes it clear this little boy is ours
-He is release for Hosp.
-Dossier to Hait with Brad hand delivering it!
-Daddy meets the babies
6/2007 -Through First Legal
7/2007 -With tears and sadness,release baby girl. We feel she's not our daughter...God is in control. Praying for her family to find her (they eventually do!)
8/2007 -Dossier goes into IBESR
9/2007 -Name our Peanut.
11/2007-Peanut's First Birthday
2/2008 -Depensation letter requested

There is more to this timeline but for privacy purposes I did't include everything.

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Kathy said...

We are almost on the same time line! I posted mine a couple of days ago.