Am I ruining my son?....

This is my baby. As a matter of fact, I tell him all the time he is my baby and always will be.

(did you ever read "Love You Forever" to your kids? "...as long as I'm living my Baby you'll be." Best book in the whole wide world. I read it to all my kids and cried almost every time!)

All of my babies, ages ranging from 24 to 2, are MY BABIES. Even my grandson is MY BABY, hehehe!

After a long tiring, but fun, day at the Cape May Zoo(pictures coming soon), we went to the CVS, and MY BABY began to whine and asked to be picked up. Daddy told him that he was a big boy and had to walk. Well, tired from walking and without a nap, he began to throw his body and latch on to Daddy's legs telling him, "I not big boy, I Mommy's baby". Daddy picked him up.


Kathy said...

Awww. They always will be our babies.

Mark said...

Okay, I might get a bit more serious than you had wanted, but I have always been a real softie when it came to my girls. Then we had a boy. My initial inclination was to continue to be a softie (and I am), but with my son I feel the need to remind him that he's a "tiger" and a "tough guy" and a "big boy."

Sure, I still call him my "baby" from time to time, but given the feminization of boys in our culture, I do intentionally try to find affectionate terms for him that express traditional masculinity.

Okay, perhaps I'm over-thinking this, but that's my 2 cents.

Now my wife still calls him her "baby" more freely than I do, but as the one entrusted to model Biblical manhood to my son (wow, that's a high calling - God help me!) I do try instead of calling him "baby" and "little boy" to call him things like "hero" and "knight" and "big boy."

Our Family Adventure said...

Hey Mark, I'm overwehelmed with testosterone in this house!tehehe! Between my hubby and my 20 year old son, who are sports minded macho men, and do guy things(ok, I'll let your imagination go with that one). I find some of thier male practices gross and barbaric. Sometime the thought of another boy makes me nervous. But we are perfectly set up for raising boys! And I understand perfectly what you are saying...but they still need to be mommy's baby too :-)

(Evan's name in Welsh(I'm welsh) means Young Warrior...this sometimes makes me nervous! Just kidding. He's a warrior for Jesus!)

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I love that book!!!!