Angel Mission...Click here for more information

I want to tell you about an awesome organization called Angel Mission. They are a Christian non-profit group that helps families in Haiti obtain life-saving medical care for their children. These children are flown into the US to recieve medical treatment that isn't available in Haiti. All the services for treatment are donated but there are expenses getting these kids testing in Haiti before they can come and paperwork & visa expenses as well. Not to mention airline tickets etc. Right now there are 9 children approved to recieve treatment but no funds to bring them here.

This sweet baby girl is one of the children waiting to recieve treatment. Won't you consider sending a donation?

Please pray and ask God what your part is in this wonderful mission. And pray that others will feel a burden in their hearts to help as well.

You can click here or the post title to visit the Angel Mission blog and to find out more information about thier mission and/or giving. I pray that God will bless you today as you pray for these children who deserve that same chance at life as we have.


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