Eggs, Prizes and the Easter Wolf!

Coloring Eggs was fun this year! Vei couldn't join us because he was coming home with his mommy and daddy from Myrtle Beach. But we colored some extra's for him.

We really didn't get any Church Pictures this year. The day went so quickly. But here's one of Evan when he first came downstairs. The Bunny (aka Wolf) didn't bring a lot of candy...thank goodness! and it looks like we shop at the same place...the local dollar store!!!

Vei Vei, Aim and Dee came over later on and Vei got his goodies!

Evy found out that somebody hid prizes in the backyard! Daddy told him he thinks he saw someone with long ears and big teeth last night hiding something outside. So Evy is convinced it was the EASTER WOLF! Yes that's right, the Easter Wolf! Hmmmmm...

And Evy's really happy that Mr. Easter Wolf came around!


We all had dinner after our Wolf prize hunt...Nana, Pops, Evy, Blue, Aim, Dee, Vei, and LA... it really was a very special Resurrection Day celebration with our family...


Anita said...

OH Terry.....LOVE the black and white photo of the boys!! AWESOME!! Looks like the both enjoyed their Easter goodies too. Love, Anita

Kathy said...

What colorful eggs. It looks like your boys are getting tall!

One Happy Momma said...

Terry -

The Easter Wolf, love it! The boy's look like they had so much fun!

The black and white photo is great!

Blessings -