Part II of our trip

We really had a nice trip. Exhausting, but nice. The weather was great for the most part. It was a nice diversion from thinking about our adoption.
We started with a few days in Disney (see prior post for some pictures) then drove to Bradenton to visit with friends and my cousin and wife. My cousin is a Calvary Chapel Pastor. He's located on 9th Ave if anyone is in the area :-) They are truly seeking to worship Christ in "Spirit and in Truth"!

We spent some time on the Beach with our dear friend in the Lord and fellow COP adoptive parents. You'll see Evan betrothed wife below...hehehe! You will also see my bathing beauty, pale, 20 year old son roasting in the strong Florida sun...I warned him! I've lived with pale skin all my life and now, at 44, I've enbraced my beautiful fair skin. I covered myself with light colored clothing and also use an unbrella while on the beach. The skinned exposed had sunscreen.

Sidenote: Blue and I were talking about why we "whities" do this to ourselves. We've come to the conclusion that "tannies" are always pointing out how "white" we are, as if there is something wrong with that. It really does make us feel somewhat self-concious. And then we try to get tan, even though we shouldn't. Think about this next time you point out how "white" someones legs are. My mother had malignant melenoma. Fair skinned people should not be roasting in the sun!

We then headed up to Savannah GA to spend time with more friends! They adopted from China as well. We met on River Rd in Savannah and had lunch together. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. Of Course, my son could barely walk because of his sunburn he got in Bradenton. His ankles and legs swelled up like balloons. But thankfully no sun poison.

Finally our last stop was Charleston SC. We met up with vacationing friends and went to the Aquarium. Fun! Enjoy the pictures!

Bradenton, FL

Savannah, GA

Charleston, SC
Happy Birthday Brad!!!

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Kathy said...

Fun. I'm ready to go somewhere!