Evan Update

Evan got his MRI,CAT scan, and bloodwork done and the results were pretty good. Nobody is completely sure what the lump is on his arm but it "appears" to be a deep hemangioma. He's a little old for getting these but it's not totally uncommon for it to happen at any age.

We still have one more doctor/surgeon to talk to before we make a final decision whether we will remove it to be on the safe side or not. Normally they would just take a "wait and see" approach, but with Evan's history aren't sure yet what direction to go.

He is having minor surgery done next month for something unrelated and it would be an opportune time to remove it since he will already be sedated. Then we can biopsy it to find out exactly what it is. So that may be the coarse of action...Thank you all for your prayers. I'll let you know of the final decision soon.


Kathy said...

Hope all goes well.

One Happy Momma said...

Terry -

Keeping Evan and all of you in our prayers.

Blessings -