Free Kids Movies

This summer Regal Movie Theaters, all over the US, are playing free children's movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Click here for more details and to find out where!


viva_la_taco said...

Oh yea...I've heard of this. Cool deal. I wish they would have that for adults also...haha.

Hey parents, before you take your kids to the movies...you should swing by Jack in the Box today. They're having a 2 FREE TACOS DAY!! Just bring in a gas receipt and they give you 2 free tacos. That's a sweet deal. I passed by a Jack in the Box today and there was a huge line! I already got my 2 free tacos and had them for lunch. It definitely hit the spot.

CHECK OUT THE LINK: http://jackinthebox.com/twofreetacosday/index.php?Campaign=MW-TFT-MB

Kathy said...

None in our area : (