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Hello Everyone, I'm posting a letter written by my son Brad (20) about His upcoming mission trip to Guatemala and last years Honduras trip. They are leaving tomorrow so please pray as they have plenty of work to do there...preaching the Gospel and being the Hands and feet of Christ. I also included random pics of his past mission experiences...

I am writing to tell you about a terrific opportunity I have this summer.

Every year our youth group goes on a Missions’ Trip. This year, God has given me the privilege of being part of a 40 member team that is going to the Central American nation of Guatemala. Guatemala is the size of Tennessee with a population of 13,002,206. The people speak Spanish, and we intend to minister to them in their native language, but before I tell you what we are going to be doing in Guatemala, I want to tell you about last years missions trip to Honduras.

There are too many words to describe what I saw and felt in Honduras and there are so many things to tell that book couldn't contain, but I will do my best to describe the blessings that God gave us in Honduras. I saw a country where the people are starving for the love of God. The church that we went to was called The House of Diamonds. We were at the church almost every day. The church was built not only to meet the spiritual needs of the village around it, but also their physical needs. A garbage dump is very close to where the church was built and is a way most families earn an income. For about a dollar a day men, women, and children work in the garbage dump sifting through the trash to collect plastic bottles. When we visited the garbage dump my heart dropped. I could not believe what I saw. People literally living in the trash with houses made out of cardboard or whatever they could find. As we went around handing out water I remember being on the verge of tears, seeing little kids doing something that no human should ever have to do in those conditions. Looking into their starving eyes and seeing such deep pain on each of their weary faces I knew why God sent us. There was such a need for love and The House of Diamonds filled that need the best it could. Three days a week they brought the kids from the surrounding village in. They taught them about God, fed them, took care of their needs acting as a refuge for the children who once had to work in the garbage dump to support their family. Everyday we were able to do join in and help. We played soccer with them, hung out with them, loved them like our own family and that’s truly what they became. Those kids kept a piece of my heart that I joyfully gave because they needed it so badly. Loving on them was the greatest privilege and blessing God could have given me on that trip.

Each day we went into one or two schools and ministered to the children through drama, music, and the word of God. The schools were very open and we were able to share the love God has given us. I still vividly remember the smiles and the laughter of each child as they watched us juggle before our show. Sometimes we were even able to teach some kids how to juggle. They latched on to you as soon as you smiled at them. I didn’t even have to speak to them before they would be on my lap, or giving me a hug, or just smiling at me because they knew my love for them and they have not experienced that kind of love ever before. The most precious times were after our show when we were able to just hang out with the kids and show them Spanish scriptures, or teach them how to juggle, or just sit next to them to show them love. I met this one boy in one of the schools. His story was horrible. He was involved in gangs and drugs. He was shot once in the ankle while doing some gang business, and he wanted to get out. After a massive struggle his father ended up helping him get out, but now he thinks he has AIDS. I could not help but to cry for him as we were praying over him. I embraced him tightly as we prayed, believing that the love of Jesus would come and give him peace in his already unstable life. He started to cry and we sat there crying together for awhile. It was such a powerful moment.

We went to little villages and set up in the largest open area we could find. I remember this one time, probably the most precious moment I had, when we were going out with some of the kids from the church telling people that we were going to be having a show in ten minutes. As I was walking this little boy comes up behind me, grabs my hand and starts to walk with me. We walked the whole way and then another little boy came and grabbed my other hand. When we got back they were still holding my hand and finally they let go and ran off playing with the other kids. A little while later the one boy comes back and he holds up a marble. I thought that he was just showing it to me, but when he held it up closer like he wanted me to have it I was blown away. All I did was hold his hand and smile at him as we walked. The marble was a sign of friendship and it will be in my heart forever.

We did so much in such a little time and it felt as if I was there forever. I wish I could bring back what we experienced in Honduras so that you can truly understand the magnitude of we did, and why it made such an impact in our hearts. I pray that you will join with me this year in any way that you are able to, whether it be through prayer, encouragement, or financial support. We want to see the same things that God did in Honduras happen in Guatemala.

We plan on working with local congregations and missionaries, ministering in schools, prisons, churches and through whole community events. We will reach out to young adults, teens and children using translated skits, songs and human videos. We will share the gospel of Jesus Christ through our testimonies and preaching.

I am asking you to partner with me in prayer and in giving. Please pray that God would lead, guide and protect us. Pray that hearts will be touched and many souls saved. Pray for our trip: July 23 to August 3, 2008, and also for this time of preparation. Before us lie weeks of intense prayer, practice and sacrifice as we have chosen to give the Lord a gift of great commitment. King David said “I will not offer to the Lord that which has cost me nothing” (2 Samuel 24:24). In that same spirit, we will faithfully prepare ourselves for Guatemala.

I am also asking that, as God leads, you would consider helping me through your financial support.
The total cost of this trip will be $1300 per person. This amount includes airfare, room, board, and
ground transportation. Any contribution that you can make will be greatly appreciated. Your gift is
fully tax-deductible. Please make your checks payable to Victory Assembly of God and you can mail your contribution to the address on the letter or to my address.

I am excited about being a part of this team; blessed to be Jesus’ hands and feet in Guatemala. I want to thank you ahead of time for your prayers and your support. I look forward to sharing with you all that God will do in the days ahead!

God bless you, Bradley Thomas Fit*ian Jr.

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