Brad Sr. is sick...please pray *update*

Brad came home on Thursday with a fever and today, Sunday, it is not any better. He has pain throughout his body and now had developed insomnia. He's been on antibiotics since Friday and it doesn't seem to be helping. I'm taking him to the hospital this morning.

*update* We are home from the hospital. Brad was dehydrated and now is feeling somewhat better but he still has a fever. They did do a lot of tests and most came out normal, but we are waiting for a few more to return from the lab. It will be a couple days before we get those results. In short, they still don't know why he has a fever and pain. He will get more bloodwork done tomorrow. Right now they are thinking "viral" but also want him to see an infectious disease specialist since he's been in China and Haiti and has had strange, reoccurring illnessess. But the fever is a new addition.

We've been married for 25 years and he's never been sick this often until recently.

*Prayer requests:
-Brad will sleep tonight
-For a diagnosis
-For complete healing

Thank you for your prayers.


One Happy Momma said...

Terry -

Please let Brad know we are thinking of him and you and saying prayers.

I know you will be busy, but when you get a minute will you please let us know how he is doing?

Thanks so much.

Blessings my friend -


Bill and Christina said...

Terry, how is Brad?

The Sohmer Family said...

Brad is in our prayers!

The Sohmer Family