Homeschooling a Preschooler

I'm thinking about using Sonlight...But it's Pricey! Has anyone else used this for Pre-K? Evan is ready to start learning phonics, And we have done some stuff, but I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on a phonics program for a 3 year old? You can leave me a message in "comments" if you do...


Nichole said...

I'm using some of Sonlight because all of it is so expensive, and a bit much I think for a five year (which is how old my little one is)...but I will tell you how it goes with what I've chosen from them.

P.S. I've had my husband take some pics of Calerbe so send me your e-mail addy so I can send them to you when he gets back:)

One Happy Momma said...

Hi Terry -

I'm using Cait's Curriculum with Camie and love it!

Here's the link if you would like to check it out:


Blessings -


Luke said...


I'm gonna throw a little vote in for Sonlight (though I fully admit I have a huge bias). [smile]

I strongly suggest you contact Sonlight and talk with an Advisor who can give you personal advice and share her experiences with you. http://www.sonlight.com/SCA.html

Just one more resource for you to consider as you explore your options.


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Hey Terry,
I have 2 friends who are homeschooling their preschoolers. They love to chat with other homeschool mamas. Let me know if you'd like to chat with them.

Jodie said...

I'm going to homeschool Charis for preschool. I picked up Horizon at Mardel. My hubby was against me even getting a curriculum, but *I* need guidance!

I've got some cute pix of Calerbe for you, too, when I get them edited.

A Momma in Waiting... said...

Nichole - I think I gave you my email...right?

Cathy-I did check out the link looks like fun, but I do have it narrowed down...see below...

Luke-I love Sonlights approach and if I had the loads of money needed, there wouldn't be any discussion what I'm using :-)

Robbie, Yes you can give my email or send them over to my blog. Do they have a blog? also, you can give me thier email if they are shy :-)

Jodie- I like Horizon too and was looking at it as well.

I'm still not sure what way I'm headed but I'm starting with my "free" websites that I have listed in my "Homeschool links" on the right of my blog. Specifically Starfall (I love this Phonics site), Letter or the Week, and Preschool Express. I'm starting on Monday working our way through the alphabet. I actually was doing this last spring and had alot of fun but once we went on vacation I stopped. He has pick a lot of it up already.

With time I'm going to add stuff, and may purchase some of Sonlight's Cirriculum along with the parents guide to begin sometime in the fall.

Evan loves doing school, We only spend 1/2 hour tops on the actual "school" part and then do activies that support it like painting or finding insects for the letter "I". The links I have have so many ideas!

I already use some pre-math manipulatives from My Fathers World (I got the preschool package about 6 months ago and love it for a young preschooler!) along with lacing cards etc to build those fine motor skill...Evan really doesn't like coloring so I need to be creative. Scissors are a hit right now! OK, too much information. Hehe! Terry

Rose Anne said...

I got a Hooked on Phonics program
when Saul was smaller and still use it for him and my niece. It does not cost a boat load and works. I too love some of the other programs but do not have the money needed for them....
Just my two cents..
Praying that you get some good news on your adoption soon! Have fun with your preschooler and homeschooling it is such fun seeing them finally get....
Got Bless,
Rose Anne

Table for Six said...

Terry, I love MFW and sonlight and handwriting w/o tears. thaose are just a few among the many hodge podge we put together. some suggestions: buy used. If you want new- you can buy from rainbow resource for cheaper proces or christian bookstore. ebay has some used curriculum as does some of the other sites (hdsla, ect).
have fun!