Independence or Dependence!

I always get excited when my husband has a day off from work! Happy 4th of July! Of course my 3 year old is afraid of fireworks so I'm not sure if we will be going to tonight. We had considered driving into Philly, which is less then 30 minutes away, and experience the Independence Day Celebration there...But that would definitely be a "Bang" of a display!

I was thinking today about freedom. How we take that word for granted. Here in the US children grow up feeling they are "entitled" something. But the truth is, we have been blessed to live in a place where we have choices. We are independent. Free to be who we are, free enterprise, free to worship God, or not to...

But there's a freedom that no man can give to us, Freedom in Christ. There are so many in bondage to "things", "pleasure", or the "pursuit of happiness". Really there is nothing wrong with happiness but I heard somewhere that the only way to find it is to stop "pursuing" it. I have to agree with that. If you're never satisfied with what "is", you're never satisfied. Therefore never happy.

So what can we pursue? What freedom is true? Real?

...the Lord is Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is,there is freedom...(2Cor3:17)

Pursue the Spirit of the Living God. Worship Him alone. We are transformed into His likeness with ever increasing glory as we reflect, or contemplate, the Lord's glory. (2Cor4:18)

I'm celebrating my dependence on Christ and my freedom from pursuing things that have no bearing on eternity. The pursuit of God is the only way to true freedom and independence from sin.

As for fireworks... my 3 year old say he wants to! We will see about that :-)

I pray your weekend is a safe, happy and Spirit-filled Christ experience.

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Bill and Christina said...

Fantastic post! Thank you for posting I never thought of independance day that way before.