July Stuff

(There is some news at the bottem of this post if you are interested in knowing what's coming up)
We really didn't do too much this month since Brad got sick. But here are some pictures anyway...This first one is of Brad shivering! It was 85 degrees in our house that day. He was one sick puppy :-(
This kid loves to cook. Loves to pretend to cook. Loves to eat too! Well, as long as it has cheese, hehe. Maybe we have a future chief!
Once Brad stopped shivering and was feeling a little better, we took a short drive to Sunset Beach at Cape May Point one evening to watch the sunset.

Doesn't he look better than the first picture! I'm praising God everyday for him! He is my knight in shining armour...
Cape May Point is where the Delaware Bay the the Atlantic Ocean meet. If you look out into the water you can see the remains of a sunken concrete ship. When I think of concrete, I just don't picture floating...hmmm, maybe that's why it sunk?! Click Here if you interested in why our government would even attempt to build concrete ships.
Running from the waves! The sand on this beach is filled with smooth pebbles. You can find what we call Cape May Diamonds here. They are really pretty once polished up!

"T" is here from California. Since we missed her birthday in the spring we sung happy b-day to her now. Wow, she's 10 years old. She'll be returning to California next week. The time went so quickly!

The Borough is putting new sewer lines in our street. What a wonderful thing to wake up to each morning!

Of course for Evan, the "big digger trucks" provide hours of entertainment!

Beautiful, isnt it?!

Sick of all the noise, dirt and truck exhaust, the three of us hopped into the car and took a drive. We headed south and wound up along the Chesapeake Bay at the Susquehanna River outlet. It was a beautiful day. We went to the state park and then drove into Havre de Grace. Here's a few pics...

Hoping to give you a new update on our adoption soon. And as for the news that I wanted to share, well, we are going to host a baby boy from Haiti who has hydrocephaly. Angel Mission is bringing him here to the US to have a medical procedure done to drain the fluid from his brain. I was waiting for more details but I haven't recieved them yet. We are so excited about this and can't wait for him to come. God is so good to give us this opportunity to help this little boy. He has a mom and dad who will stay in Haiti while he has this done. I couldn't imagine the anxiety they will suffer thinking about thier son. I couldn't imagine it. I pray that I am a good enough replacement for his momma, that I will love him and care for him the way his momma would! You will find pictures of Jon on the Angel Mission link on the right hand side of my blog. He will be with us for 3/5 months.


Nate and Brenda said...

I have been meaning to ask you how Brad is doing?

Loved your pictures and I think it is awesome that you are hosting this little boy!! Cool!!!

Kathy said...

What wonderful pictures. Every one looks great.

We applied to do the medical thing too but don't have a big hospital near by.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Loved all the pictures, and I'm excited to see how God moves in your family as you mother a little boy far from home!

kayder1996 said...

The medical mission news is exciting. We have put our name in with a couple place to do something similar. I'm sure you're tickled pink to be hosting the little guy!