8 Summer Learning Activities for Preschoolers

8 Great Summer Learning Activities!
Make the most of late summer weather! Try these natural learning activities with your little ones when it's sunny outside!

1. Blow Bubbles! If your child can't quite get the hang of it yet, blow some for them and let them try to catch and pop them. Click here for some recipes for home-made bubble solution.

Or try "Gazillion Bubbles" (a solution available at most toy stores) that makes long-lasting bubbles. I tried it while playing with my 1½-year-old grand niece Lana recently and was surprised to see that some of the bubbles were still sitting where they had landed an hour later!

2. Play Water Hose Limbo! Turn on some dance music. Then, hold the garden hose and adjust the nozzle to produce a straight stream of water about waist-high. Invite the kids to limbo under the water stream to the beat of the music. Lower the water stream after each successful group pass-through. The idea is to pass under without getting wet - but on hot days, everyone will mess up and get soaked - by accident! ;)

3. Stay Cool In the Kiddie Pool! Purchase an inexpensive, plastic kiddie pool to cool off in the backyard. Give the kids some plastic measuring cups and let them experiment with pouring water from one container to another as they learn that two 1/2 cups fill up one cup, two quarter cups fill up a ½ cup, etc. (Don't forget the sunblock!)

4. Go Wading in Your Water Shoes! Walk in a calm, slow-moving creek or stream. Bring a field guide along and try to identify various aquatic insects like dragonflies.

5. Make Surprise Ice Blocks! It's fun to play with giant ice blocks - especially when they contain a surprise inside. Fill some clean milk cartons with water, drop in a few plastic toys or trinkets, and put the containers in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the ice blocks from the milk cartons. Give them to your child to play with outside. As the ice melts, the toys and coins will appear to your child's utter delight and amazement.

6. Make Popsicles! Summer fun is enhanced with refreshing popsicles. Make your own for pennies! Just invite your kids to help you fill an ice cube tray with fruit juice. Put the tray in the freezer. Once the cubes start to freeze, place craft sticks in the center of each cube. Continue to freeze until solid. Remove your home-made popsicles from the tray and enjoy! To make bigger pops, use paper cups and follow the same procedure.

7. Plant a Late Summer Garden! There is something very reassuring about knowing how to grow your own food. Just think of all you can learn not only from the plants, fruits, and vegetables - but from the residents and visitors in the garden such as worms, butterflies, hummingbirds, spiders, and more! It's not too late to grow some edibles with your children this summer. Lettuce and radish seeds will sprout fast - ask your local nursery for seeds that grow well in your geographic area.

8. Be A Sidewalk Artist! Invite your kids to beautify the pavement outside your home! All they need is some sidewalk chalk (available at most toy stores). Provide sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, knee pads, and plenty of bottled drinking water to keep everyone comfortable while they create their masterpieces.
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