Cathy, you are the best!

I got this in the mail for Jon. Because of his hydrocephalus, he needed button-down shirts. Thank you friend for all your love, support, faithfulness, and commitment to working for the cause of Jesus Christ. You truly have a heart for Him!

Jon is coming from Haiti on Thursday. I'm a little nervous and excited. And they want to schedule his surgery for the 28th. Pray all works out with this procedure. For those who don't know, Jon is coming to have a procedure done to help drain fluid from his brain and will stay for a few months at our home. This procedure will save his life. His Haitian parents are releasing him into the hands of Angel Mission and Dr Warf at Dupont Children's Hosp. who have set it up for him to have this life saving surgery for free.

I also found out he is probably blind. I'm praying after the surgery, he will be able to see. Praying for God's hand and healing!

Prayer Request:
-That all will go well at the airport when we pick him up
-that his surgery will be successful
-Evan will have surgery on the 29th-one day after Jon's-at Dupont, pray all works out between the two
-that we will have all we need to help this little guy
-for his parents, who are about to let their beautiful son go for 3 months

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Mary said...

What a sweetie!! I pray the God will bless you and your family and little Jon during these 3 months. I can't imagine what mom and dad in Haiti much be feeling right now... fear, excitement, nervousness, blessed...