Please pray for Hayden

Please pray for Hayden. I first saw her picture on Love Without Boundaries as she was recieving treatment for one of her tumors. You can click HERE to read all about that.

She now resides in one of Philip Hayden's children homes (Philip Hayden Blog). I was so happy to see that she is being cared for byPHF. I did find out today that her facial tumor is growing. Please pray for her and that they will find her the help she so desperately needs. You can also help to sponser her and her medical care.

Most of all, please prayer for this sweetheart. I think she is 7 years old now... Once they can stabilize her tumor and get a diagnosis, her adoption paperwork can be filed. Hayden wants a family so bad. Pray that she will someday soon be someones little girl...

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