thank you...

for your kind words. I was told they are retesting for sickle cell anemia. I am very much at peace with this most of the time. Somtimes I get frustrated knowing we can help him here and I start to feel helpless. But I can do nothing, except pray. And pray is the first and best thing that Asher needs.Thank you all so much for those prayers.

As the days and weeks pass, I know that God is working. It's since May 2007 that our dossier has been in Haiti. I had no idea we would only be in parquet at this point. Honestly, I thought we would have had him home by now. But God knew. He knows when he will be home. His timing. This has been prayed for over and over and over. God Knows.

The wells we are digging in our faith are going deeper and deeper throughout this process. He wants us to go deeper and deeper in Him. And as His Spirit showers us from above with strength and courage and perseverance, the rivers that are bubbling up inside of us will prepare us for His purpose. We will never tap into these deep, flowing rivers unless we dig. We won't dig, unless we need that water. And it's only a matter of time that the well will be overflowing with this river of Life. The cool thing about it all is, it won't matter what the circumstance is, because our life source and joy comes from deep within. Not by our circumstance.

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