Things Goin' on...***UPDATE

***We need 18 month button down shirts for boys...email me jonesy4him@comcast.net I'm thinking 24 months would be ok too. If you think you can help email me and I'll give you my address :-)

We will pick up "Jon" on August 21st. Here he is with his momma. You can see how much she loves him. At least I can! I also have a picture of his dad. I'm making appointments right now so I'll know soon when his surgery will be. I'm also giving myself a crash course on hydrocephaly...I made an appointment with Jon's surgeon to talk about what's expected...I'd appreciate every one's prayers for this little one. They tell me he is a happy guy!

I should be getting an adoption update very very soon :-) Let's pray it's worth the wait!


Heather said...

I am so excited for your family to host Jon. What a great experience and blessing for everyone involved!

Kathy said...

Dare we hope to be out of parquet? I think they'd tell us right away for that.

kim said...

My cousin Gwen gave me your blog. I adopted from Haiti in 2003. I also hosted Brenda from Angel missions for 5months and Juline for 1month.They both had hydrocephalus. It was the best thing we ever did besides adopting our son. Both the children had great personalities. I also met JOn and his family when I returned Brenda to her parents in May. I have a few more pictures if you are interested. Dr. Warf and his staff are great as is Dupont. I can help you out if you have any questions or need a break. Kim

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, Terry, how wonderful to see how God will use His people when we submit to him. I know you are excited.
And, praying for good adoption news soon.
I had so much fun rejoicing with my friends who received their referral from the Phillipines this week.
I'll have fun when you can go get your baby boy!
Love ya',