News from Haiti

I recieved an Email today from Vanessa from Angel Mission who is in Haiti right now. Please take time to watch the video and pray what you can do today to help...

"These wonderful poor people who had so little to begin with have lost everything and the death toll continues to rise. Over 1000 bodies and counting. Thousands remain missing and those who were swept out to sea will never be counted. No body, No count."

"There is no Government Help. We thank the Navel ship and helicopters we sighted today. But so much more needs to be done. People are starving everywhere you look. The sickness and illness that follow a tragedy like this are just beginning."

"If everyone who reads this email sends just $10 we will be able to feed so many. Won't you please help us. We all need to show the love of Jesus to these wonderful people."

"I am here in Haiti, I have spoken to 3 different families who have lost everything. And do you know, they thank me for being here, for trying to help and for caring. I am always so humbled when I am here, the people of Haiti are so loving and kind."

"Please help us to help them. Love Vanessa"

Click Here for Video



kathy said...

I saw that video on another blog and added it to my adoption blog. The video says the death count is at 300 but it's way beyond that. We'll never know the exact count but it will be way higher than is ever reported.

Oatsvall Team said...

I sent $40 to a rescue mission in Haiti where my friend has two precious children she is adopting ... can't imagine what they are facing ..so much for us to pray about !!!