Revisiting Joy!

I needed to revist this face! The blog was feeling a little too gloomy and quite frankly, so was I. But you just can't look at this picture without smiling :-)

Ashers update this month:
Weight: 21.75lbs
Height: 30in
She has only 8 teeth. He crawls and sits. The nannies pray for and over him often and love him very much.

Boy do I want to go there and make that boy stand on his two feet! Really, he is 22 months old! But what a blessing to know that he is loved and prayed for...I thank you Jesus for the love and comfort Asher gets. And I thank you that he had food in his belly as well...Bless the nannys that take care of our children!


Kathy said...

He's a sweetie.

Kaleb didn't walk until after two. When we were there May 07 he had just had his second birthday. Kayla was walking, he wasn't. We walked him all over holding both hands. When we went back in Aug. 07 he was walking just a little bit. It's a lot slower over there.

kdetter said...

that certainly is alot of joy!!!!!!.....eli isn't walking yet either...in a way i am glad because we have missed so many other firsts....


kayder1996 said...

Kenson's update says essentially his legs aren't very strong and he had a hard time learning to walk. Which...we already knew from when we were there. Conleigh who is 6 months younger could outpace Kenson any given day.

One Happy Momma said...

Who could not smile after seeing that adorable face! I know it made me smile :)

Blessings -