Merry Christmas! Family Update...

Pictured left to right: Levi, Bradley, Evan, Terry, Brad, Asher-coming soon!, Amy, Levi, David, Mike, Lauren, "T", Lauren, Evan, Bradley, Amy, Evan

I really wanted to send out a family newsletter similar to those I get from several families each Christmas. But, I decided if anyone was interested in what was going on with our family, they would most likely want to visit our blog. So here it is... The Fithian Family Newsletter :-) (and I saved a load of ink and paper...)

Well, God has been so good to us this year. Watching the little ones grow is such a blessing. And seeing our family grow doesn't get any better!

This past year Brad and I (Terry) celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! We didn't go on a fancy vacation but we did go to Disney World this year, which happens to be one of our favorite places...

We are still living in Glassboro (Brad, Bradley, Evan and me:-)...almost 4 years now... and our home church is Victory Assembly of God. We love it here (home and church) and hope to stay for a very long time. We are mostly involved in children's church right now... It's funny to think that we were doing this about 20+ years ago, and have come full circle working with children again. Many people ask if I'm still singing...Singing has taken a back seat in recent years. At least as ministry. I still love to sing and worship God (my hearts desire is to worship Him in Spirit and Truth and to enter into the "Holy of Holies"!). But, with our renewed roles as parents these past 2+ years, the Lord has been teaching us a lot about who we are in Christ and growing both of us for ministry in the future. We still don't know exactly what God is leading us into, but our burden for the 143 million orphans worldwide continues to grow. But music will always be in my heart and 2009 may be the year for me to begin getting my singing voice back in shape. Besides, Brad is forever encouraging me to sing...maybe it's time...

Brad is still working at the refinery as a machinist. He is also leading a men's Bible study during the week and involved in the "Servant Fest" ministry at our Church. We both believe that in the future, God is leading him to lead a group mission trip to Haiti to work at the orphanage Asher is in. (for more information about the orphanage click here)

Once again I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom and loving every minute. I plan to begin taking classes again sometime in the future. Mainly for personal interest...I love learning. More on Evan below.

Amy is now a 25 year old wife, mother and college student. She and our son-in-law David are wonderful parents to our grandson Levi, and living in Salem County. Prayerfully, Amy plans to enter the nursing program fall 2009, as she has been working toward that goal this past year. Recently she's been a substitute teacher while NaNa (me) takes care of Levi. Makes for exciting (and loud) days at the Fithian house! David works as an IT specialist in Delaware. And some probably don't know that Amy has a step-daughter who lives in California(David's daughter), "T". We only get to see her a couple times during the year but enjoy our time together when she visits. More on Levi below.

Lauren just moved to Williamstown (soooo glad she's close to home because we miss her around here!)and is going to school pt pursuing an animal science degree. She's working full time as a veterinarian technician at Pitman Animal Hospital. Her boyfriend Mike is a musician and works with an electrician.

Bradley is currently a junior at Rowan University as a history major. He's still deciding where he is going after next year for a graduate degree. This past year he's been to Guatemala on a mission trip with our church. You can see the post about that trip along with a video Here. He also has a new special someone in his life. Hmmmm, I think I'll just keep you guessing about that one for now. Of course you can read prior posts to see her beautiful face :-)

Evan (3 1/2) and Levi (2 1/2) are growing so fast and together are trouble with a capital "T"! Havoc and Mayhem! That's their new nick-name! When they are apart they are pretty calm kids, but together, CHAOS! Evan still prefers to be with his mommy or daddy...we are working on that. So we may be looking for a playschool situation for him that can help him with his separation anxiety...maybe 2x a week. But boy is this kid smart! Levi is just a happy kid that has fun no matter where he is. Very easy going. But when you put the two together, look out! Havoc and Mayhem!

Adoption News... Well, we are approaching the final stages of our adoption of Asher
(2). I visited Haiti last month to sign our I600 (legal stuff) and to spend some time with our precious baby. He is a sweet tender child with a gentle spirit. I am aching to bring him home. I fell totally in love with Him while there. We had hoped and prayed that he would somehow be home before 2009...that will not happen. But we are happy that we are almost to the end of the Haitian process. We still have several steps to go. Praying for a spring homecoming!

To our family and friends close by and close in our hearts...we love you! Our thoughts and our prayers go ever before the Lord...prayer without ceasing. Our home is always open so if you find yourself in Glassboro, please come and visit us. Pay no attention to the unfinished living room we've been working on for 3 years now, hehe! Brad will kill me for that comment! But if you don't mind our messy home, come on over so we can fellowship and have a cup of tea together. We are so blessed that you are in our lives. To our blog friends, and our Christian adoption yahoo support groups(those we've met, those we will meet, and those whom we will one day meet on the other side)...you are an awesome group of "friends" and fellow warriors in Christ on this journey. It's good to have someone to lift you up...Iron sharpens iron. Merry Christmas to you All and may God Bless you!


Kathy said...

Nice photo card.

kayder1996 said...

I never know what to do with all the wonderful cards and photos I receive at Christmas time. I feel guilty throwing photos away but keeping them seems silly as I rarely look at them. So an online version makes a lot of sense. People don't have to feel badly if they throw it away.

Anita said...

What a beautiful Christmas card...LOVE it Terry and Love your family so much! I'm so very blessed to have you as a friend as we've walked this adoption journey together to our children and as you continue on to Asher. 2009 will be Asher's year for sure!! :) May you continue to make beautiful memories with your family this Christmas season. Love you!

Jodie said...

Great card and letter!!!

Lynn said...

Merry Christmas my adoption/blogging friend! You are blessed this holiday season... and you are always a blessing! It is just so awesome how the adoption world has brought together so many wonderful "new friends". May your home always be filled with laughter and love!!!!

Lynn said...

Merry Christmas my adoption/blogging friend! You are blessed this holiday season... and you are always a blessing! It is just so awesome how the adoption world has brought together so many wonderful "new friends". May your home always be filled with laughter and love!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!!! I'll be printing your little card, though, and adding to my new "adoption friends" board ... stay tuned, will have to post about that!
Merry Christmas Friend! Love to you and your family! :)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I love, love, love the card!
And, I love my Jesus for allowing me to be a small part of your life.
God is sooooo good!
Merry Christmas!

Tammie said...

I love getting the letters to update us on what has been going on in our friends and families lives. Thanks for putting yours on line. I enjoyed reading it and learning a little more about you and your family!