He cannot part with it

I was looking in my current journal, at the first entry. I was very blessed to reread this entry and wanted to share it with you today...

Feb 20, 2008 - I read something today that was simple but also so profound. I've been reading Andrew Murray's 'Waiting on God'.

"God cannot part with His grace, or goodness, or strength, as an external thing that He gives us, as He gives raindrops from heaven. No, He can only give it, and we can only enjoy it, as He works it Himself directly and unceasingly."

Wow, think about that for a minute...God CANNOT part with His grace, goodness, and strength. He's not giving it as in a wrapped box of pretty paper, although it is the ultimate "gift". When He gives these things by His Holy Spirit, He's actually giving Himself! Not something of it's own, but Himself! When I recieve strength, it's God. When I recieve goodness, it's God. When I recieve grace, it's God. And I'll go on to say if I recieve any of God's attributes - wisdom, power, love, etc. - it's all God. God Himself becoming one with me. I can't fathom. But it is Christ within me.

I truly can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, because it is Christ within me.

Lord, Help us in our waiting...become our strength, our wisdom, our power, our goodness. May our focus stay on You. And our purpose be eternal...

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Lisa said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for re-sharing.