News from the O...

Not for our adoption but for others. IBESR has not released any dossiers this month...pray for this office. As we pray about our next adoption, it grieves me greatly to think that many who desire to adopt will pass Haiti by due to the many issues that pop-up. Lord Jesus I pray for some resolution here.

Parquet has been moving along and so have MOI, Praise God! But the best news of all is that 6 children were united with thier forever familys!!! And there are more to come home this month! Good to see!

Pray with me that 2009 will be the year that the process will speed up, and that many children will go home.


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

So glad to stop by your blog today, my Sister Friend. I need to be reminded to pray for you and for so many other waiting mamas and babies.
And, I love, love, love the new header!

Table for Six said...

next adoption??? :O) after Asher comes home or is this about Asher! :O)
miss you.
oh, we might be moving closer again. i will email details when we find out for sure.