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I've been reading a blog (The Journey) about an amazing young women who is called to Uganda. I believe she was 18 when she arrived...that was less than 2 years ago...

She's young enough to be one of my children!

She now is "Mommy" to 11 children who had nobody and recently took in 7 sick, and abandoned children in her home as well. This story in itself is amazing...along with many others...A heart for serving God TOTALLY! Faith filled, prayerful, unyeilding to the flesh, and totally committed to HIM! I don't know many adults with this kind of zeal, love, & faith in Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to go to her blog and read. There are nights that I just sit in tears reading, thanking my Jesus, for such faith. She truly is an amazing young woman. And God is using her in mighty ways.

She has also begun a new non-profit ministry for this work in Uganda call Amazima Ministries.

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