Blog cleaning...

A while back I was "blog cleaning"...getting rid of some blog addresses in my links and also the ones I follow mainly due to not remembering who they were. But I think I deleted some who I actually want...and now miss...boo hoo!

If you read my blog and you have a blog, please let me know if you don't see your blog listed in my blog links to the right. I would love to come and visit you.

And if you haven't already, become a "frequent friend" follower...on the left column, toward the bottom. I'm stuck at 24...is that all the friends I have? 24? I guess I should be happy...and I am :-) but if you haven't, become a follower. I'd love to make it to at least 50. Maybe I need to do more advertising. I'll try and make my posts a little more interesting!

What do you all like to read about...don't tell me.... adoption news right?! I guess it makes us feel less alone and somehow proactive while waiting for a painfully slow process...

I'll leave you with some photography by Evan...


Lena Wright said...

Hi! I read your blog.

I have 2

www.LenaHaitiMissionTrip.blogspot.com (adoption related)

and www.LenaWright.blogspot.com
(work related-I'm a counselor)



Luke said...

I have a few blogs, but the two that may be of interest to you are my Sonlight blog and, perhaps, my personal blog.


Tammie said...

I love the new look!