Nothing Says Love Like....

PIZZA! My sweetheart has to work all weekend...boohoo. So me and Evan decided to cheer each other up making a special Valentine Pizza!

All you need is:

-Pillsbury Pizza dough (or your own if you're ambious)
-Pizza Sauce - made mine from tomato sauce and Italian spices (you can also buy jarred pizza sauce)
-Mozz. Cheeze
-of course you can put any toppings on it that you want. We are pretty basic...

You need to cut the dough and shape it into a heart...then add your sauce and toppings. We had fun!

Cheesing it up!

Watching it cook...learning to be patient!

Hard work pays off!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Salzwedel Family said...

What a fun treat for Valentine's Day! I'm sorry your sweetie has to work.

Lynn said...

Awesome! My hubby and I, along with the kiddos, headed to our oldest daughters to visit. We stopped and bought Pizza on the way to take there for lunch. We had a great visit with the kids AND the grands!

Kathy said...

What a fun idea.

Okay, be honest. Doesn't it kill you that we are missing doing all these little traditions with our others ones? It's really been hitting me lately how many things like baking together, fingerpainting etc we are missing. They will soon be four and the years of biggest brain development will be behind : (

Let's get these files moving! HOw long does judgment take anyway??? It was 9 mo ibesr, 7 mo parquet and already seven weeks waiting for judgment (assuming the file went right there). I though it was just a few weeks for judgment.

One Happy Momma said...

How fun! and it looks yummy too!

So sorry Brad has to work all weekend.



Anita said...

You are SUCH a FUN momma!! Sorry, too, that your sweetheart was away bringing in the bread...or in this case the dough....for ya over the weekend. LOL! HuGS!

Laura L. said...

Those are so cute and look yummy. Great idea!