Molluscum Contagiosum in Children

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CS Mott Children's Hosp.
Alternative Medicine (didn't try this)
Mayo Clinic

(I found that I was getting a lot of activity on the page and have decided that this topic must be a big one for many. YOU ARE NOT ALONE...and these ugly warts will soon disappeared...God Bless!)

I wanted to post this because I was misinformed about this virus. I was told that it was not contagious, but it most definitely is. The confusion must have come from the fact that most of us are immune to this virus and if we do get it, it's not a big deal-it really has no ill effects except that the warty bumps they produce are ugly, but do disappear with time. Sometimes they will leave scars.

I mention this because my son in Haiti (the one we are in process to adopt) had these bumps all over his hands and various places on his body and face. I brought several toys with me to Haiti last November that he played with, drooled over and enjoyed...I brought most of these toys home, which in turn, my 3 year old, Evan, played with...I never thought to clean them, bad mommy. About a month later a bump or two emerged on Evans his hand. It never progressed any further than that but wanted to give a heads up for anyone traveling to see there Haitian children this summer. If you bring toys, CLEAN THEM AFTER :-)

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Kathy C. said...

I never would have thought of that.

Jodie said...

Sorry you were misled to think it wasn't contagious. It most definitely is, as you unfortunately found out. The virus went through the toddler room at the O for quite a while. Katiana had it and it took more than 6 months for it to get out of her system. Although it is fairly harmless, it was heartbreaking to see it spread across her beautiful face as I got each monthly update photo.

Again, I'm sorry Evan got it, but I'm glad it hasn't spread. Be aware, though, that the virus may stay in his system for months (at least that's what I've researched; I'm no professional).

Nate and Brenda said...

Oh my goodness. I had never even heard of this?! Hope it clears up quickly.

Table for Six said...

Hey Terry. Several things :O)
can last from 6 to 18 months.
Sarah got hers FROM THE POOL! She is on Swim Team.. and it seems that members get it ALL the time.. AGH> hers were extremely itchy. hydrocrotsimoom.. okay didn't spell that right! worked for itchy. but not if broke open. if they scratch it.. it breaks open and that is when it spreads not only to others but other places on themselves!
So.. lesson here.. spreads in BATHS.. So Sarah SHOWERS and gave it to SOPHIA who baths and they don't do this together! SO I had to start washing the bath EACH NIGHT! agh. Sophia only got two on her ankle. that was it. Sarah had about 20 on her knees and down. THEN Daniel got them behind his ear. agh. is this torture ever going to end? Please please not drew too!
Any way.. my girlfriend who is a doctor said.. yea went through all my kids.. no biggie and it will go away.. happens all the time especially if you spend a lot of time at the pool.. then the doctor said (our doc) said .. everythign i just told you..
so short story..
-don't scratch.
-highly contagious but kids are allowed to attend all activiteis and school (say what?)
-it really does go away eventually
love ya Jill

Anonymous said...

My daughter has had this for over two years...we noticed it before her first birthday and she is now 3. Just a warning it can last much longer--or seem to at least. The sores will reform so to speak making it seem that they never go away. We're considering treatment now.

Anonymous said...

Re: Molluscum Contagiosum
My 5 year old grandchild was diagnosed approx. 4-6 months ago. She's been living in Florida for the past year, moved down from MA.
M.C. is not common in my area. Her pedi. in Fl. said it's best to let the virus take it's course and if after 12 months she still has break outs, they'll provide referal to Derm. so they can be burned off. (painful) After much research, we have her on childrens liquid vitamins purchased at Whole Foods. Also, we've been bathing area with gourmet sea salt. I'm waiting for a cream to arrive now from Nature Pathics called Zymaberm. Came highly recommended. She's been visiting us now for two weeks and she'll be with us until Aug. 11th. We are hoping and praying that by mid Aug. it's gone before she starts Kindergarten. Her break outs are under her neck and spreading to sides now. I can't imagine children having this all the time, apparently it's very common in hot humid climates.
fyi: I've been told that it does affect the eyes, child may have low immune system, and it can last up to 5 years.
p.s. thanks for the shower update.....

Anonymous said...

My son has caught this and it spread all over when the pediatrician scraped it to remove it. We have been using tea tree oil directly on the bumps daily and they have almost disapeared in three weeks!!!

Sew Unique by Barbara said...

Just come across your blog researching MCV. My son, Jordan which is 4, has it and he caught it from his 4 yr old cousin. We believe he caught it from a public pool. I have treated this, but seems to be spreading instead of clearing up. He has been to the pediatrician and the dermatologist. Not really sure if we should have them removed or just leave it alone. Any suggestions from someone that has experienced this?

KKB said...

ABREVA!!!! It is the "miracle"!!! My daughter (3) got MC we think from the YMCA pool but are not sure (maybe gymnastics?) Anyway, it is on her bottom and is very disturbing to look at. Doesn't seem to bother her though. Anyway, after much research, I couldn't decide what to do b/c everyone has such varied opinions. Doctor said it will just go away....in 6 or so months....NO THANKS! So I was thinking that the Abreva dried out the coldsore that I sometimes get so I would give it a shot. Painless! I would put it on her after her shower (absolutely NO baths anymore) and then let it dry. Then I would put her pj bottoms on her with no panties to rub the Abreva off. SUCCESS!!! Within 3 days of this only 1 time a day some of her larger bumps were drying. We haven't had any more spreading since using the Abreva. Just thought I would share, maybe it will help someone. :-) (Sidenote, we use clean towel & pj's everynight, and she only is taking showers, sad there are no more baths but hopefully we"ll get this cleared up before swim time!)

Anonymous said...

great comments. My daughter got them last spring, just 3 little dots, and now 14 months later has at least 25! I am going to try both the Abreva and the Tea Tree Oil and see if they help. thanks!

Rev Faith Lewis said...

I appreciate the comments here - Regarding the REMOVAL by DOCTORS OFFICE - the pediatrician said he could do this for my 3 year old. But after reading more about the possibility of spreading and scarring plus the amount of pain involved, I am inclined to try Abreva or wait it out.
Anyone ever taken a child to have them removed?

Karen said...

My 7 year old son has had MC for nearly a year. It started with one.. and my mistake I thought it was a pimple and picked it. Don't do that! It spread to five and I brought him in and she told me it was MC. She tried freezing the largest one, but it didn't work at all. I've been patiently waiting for 4 months since the doc appt for them to go away, and a few of them have, but it seems when one goes away, five more appear. I just thought about Abreva, too, and did a google search. I'm glad to hear it worked for someone! I'm definitely going to try it, since I already have it on hand. If that doesn't start working soon, I'll go to the tea tree oil. Nice to see there are some "home remedies" out there besides prescriptions. Thanks!!