I need your prayer requests...

I was praying for a summer project and the Lord told me to pray pray pray pray pray! So please post me your prayer requests. No prayer is too big or too small for God. And whatever you are going through, trust Him... He will get you to the other side of it.

You can post in the comments or email me at jonesy4him@comcast.net


I pray the Lord bless you today and that He pour out His goodness, grace and blessing...


kayder1996 said...

Would you pray for Conleigh's dossier which has been in IBESR over 8 months now? They are saying IBESR does not want to release it due to our ages/length of marriage.

Also, would you pray for our move? We believe God wants us in another town but we have to sell our house and buy another one which all leads to lots of uncertainty.


Lisa said...

What a wonderful summer "project!"

We are waiting for Travel Approval to bring our daughter home from China and I would love your prayers!

Please let me know if I can return the favor :0)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Dear Friend,
Know, too, that you are in my prayers as well. I have never understood why God had us wait as long as we did for Ellie, and you're waiting longer for Asher. I do know, though, that I grew much closer to my Jesus during the wait.

So, pray, my sister, and pray some more. Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and everything else will take care of itself.

And, when you're praying, please pray for Brandon, his bio dad, and wisdom for Stan and me!


kb said...

Still praying to get out of IBESR (in for 16 months; file in Haiti for 38 months).
Thanks, friend!

Luke said...

We're waiting for Kyrgyzstan to start moving adoption paperwork. We've been matched with our kids for well over a year now and are just sitting around waiting. Prayers that things move forward would be very much appreciated.