"Test Me" Part I

"TEST ME IN THIS" is what I heard somewhere deep down inside myself. I immediately knew it was God. And I knew what He was telling me. Crazy! His voice came from no where as I was watering the plants. Of course I was probably praying as lately my prayers have been non-stop. Praying without ceasing seems to be pretty easy for me these days.

Some of you may know that our family is going through somewhat of a crisis. I have a hard time calling it a crisis because I feel God all over it. I really can't get into details because it encompasses so much. But part of the issue is financial. This spring has proved to be a difficult one, with Brads time being cut back at work. But I praise God he has work! Every spring it gets tight financially, but this spring is unlike anything we have seen since he has worked at the refinery.

We've been praying to become debt free...hard to do when it's difficult to pay the mortgage! But still God tells us to Trust in HIM. At the same time our finances appear to be shrinking, the Holy Spirit has directed both Brad and Brad Jr. to go to Honduras on a 10 day mission trip to the people there(New Blog under construction-Mission Honduras!). As soon as the commitment was made, the money dried up! TESTING TIME!

Our first impulse is to withhold from Him to pay the mortgage. After all, God wants us to pay our bills, right? Forgive us Lord for being so stupid. Really there is no other way to explain it! Our first commitment is to Him! Clearly He is telling us..."Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,...and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it."...More coming....


Lynn said...

Oh Terry... you are not alone in the whole "withholding from Him to pay the bills" mentality. When we brought Michael home I knew that God wanted me to stay home, and I knew that we needed the income. But... we opted to go with God.. and right after we made the decision for me to NOT go out and get a full time job, the overtime we had counted on was cancelled! The first thing that Mickey said was that we needed to cut our giving, and I said no... how can we take from God? So we didn't, and relied on Him to provide... and he has. It has truly been amazing how much he has given us. Does that mean that things are perfect and we are "spending as we choose?" No way, we are always looking for ways to cut costs. But as we have been faithful, so has our God... refining... testing... hard concepts... hard moments in our lives... just praying that you will come through it all reflecting God's glory!

kayder1996 said...

Prudence or playing it safe? Foolishness or faithfulness? I think it is so hard to balance these things. But I think time and time again, God continually shows me that He always has my best interests at heart and that He will be faithful to meet whatever needs I have. I always struggle with doubting the words I hear from God on steps of faith. I start questioning whether that was really God telling me that or not. I'm glad you posted on this. We just listed our house with a real estate agent today and are hoping to see our home which we love to move to a town a few miles away but one that is more expensive to live in. There are currently no houses in that town that are really in our price range, everything is really low and needs a lot of work or really out of our league. Plus moving means giving up a house we love and have put a lot of work into. It's hard to trust that God will make a way.