"Test Me" Part II

Keep those Prayer requests coming, it's truly a blessing lifting these to the Lord and praying for you!

Part 2: I, in no way, want to give the impression that we believe you are give to God in order to "get something". It's a matter of trusting Him with what has been given. And remembering that it all belongs to God anyway. It's like the young child standing on the edge of a pool. Daddy is saying "jump in and I'll catch you"....and if you trust your Dad, you jump. And he than proves himself true to his word. Our Father, our Daddy, is true to His Word! You jump because you trust HIM!

Blessing #1....We been waiting for several weeks for NW Airlines to make right a mistake they made. Basically, they owe us $185. And no body seemed to be listening. We've been waiting and waiting and waiting with no answer to when we would be reimbursed.

Less than 24 hours after we agree to bring our "full tithe to the storehouse", the money appeared in our bank account! Praise God. We really needed that returned to us at this point!

Blessing #2....Brad has was blessed with OT last night!


Bill and Christina said...

Praise God!!!! His answers are yes and ours it Amen! I am so very happy for you.

Keep pressing in!


Lisa said...

Praising God with you!!!

Lynn said...

Don't you just want to giggle like a child who has been blessed by their daddy??? Yep.. God is GOOD beyond all that we can understand!!!!!