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(Note: I'm not an editor :-) bear with me)

I have something on my heart this morning...bear with me. You may think that this boy is anything but fortunate. When we were deciding on a name, Brad felt very strong that Cal*rbe's name is Asher. We didn't come to this lightly but with much prayer...the name we give him will be his future. One meaning of the name Asher is "fortunate".

When Evan and I were making his welcome home sign I wrote the meanings of his name down. But I neglected fortunate. This morning I woke up with this word on my mind. I felt the Lord pressing this word into my heart. Asher Calerbe IS fortunate. When you consider that there are countless children who do not have the luxury of modern medicine that lay wasting in their parents arms because of a lack of resources. These kids are all around us. Children dieing of disease's all around the world easily treated in the US.

Lets face it, we are all very fortunate to even debate "health care" in the US. In some places there is no debate...children die. And because we are so abundantly blessed (another Asher meaning), what will we do with our good fortune.

Asher's blessed to be here now. But so many are still waiting for help. There are ministries trying to help these kids but need help. Every child belongs to God...and we are the hands and feet to every one of them.
Real Hope for Haiti
Hands that Heal
Angle Mission

My hero spent the night with Asher at Dupont and allowed me to come home for some rest and with Evan. Now I'm getting ready to go back and face today! The Lord is Good. My devotion today, "Trust in Me and refuse to worry". That's where I am today. It was actually yesterdays but I read the wrong day, which was actually the right devotion to read :-)
"I am your strength and your song". (Exodus 15:2)


Bill and Christina said...

You are all in my prayers.

Laura L. said...

So great to see him with you guys! I will pray for Asher's healing.